Homework today!

Today more than ever, every person is in need of education and those who already have it are in pursuit of higher levels. For you to excel in education, healthy living and consciousness about your status is vital. This does not however seem to be applying in today’s education system where a large volume of educational materials has to be covered in a very limited time.


Because educational institutions have become more conscious about profits and not quality. For them to survive in the market they need high numbers of students to enroll and this has largely compromised the quality of education offered despite the level offered. Look at this way, an elementary kid is been given more homework today which makes them get too occupied to even have the time for other important stuff in life. This has led to kids growing up without a social life and the effect of their health is that they start getting depressed. Getting kids’ homework done has now become the responsibility of the parents. The teachers have made parents homework watchmen to their own kids and this varies a lot from our time when we used to get our answers by going through books in the library manually and with minimal or no interference from our guardians.

How does it become a health issue?

Getting the enormous amount of homework done or answered is not an easy task even with the existence of online libraries and resources. This has made some students Trans night leading to sleep deficits which over time develops to serious mental health issue. This is not the only aspect; the physical growth of our kids is today being affected because they do not have time to exercise since most of their energy is devoted to getting their homework answers.

I will not talk any further about this but it is a great concern and teacher / instructors should consider either scheduling or minimizing their quantity of homework questions given to kids!

What are your thoughts about this?


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